Copper Sounds offer an introduction into sound lathes, cutting frequencies into wax and creating your own dubplate. Using turntables and automatic drawing to awaken your inner surrealist.

Participants will be given a demonstration of how to use a turntable as a drawing tool. Working collaboratively they will then create a personalised record sleeve of their own using various mediums.

The workshop will begin with a brief history of recorded sound and how it has developed into what we now know as vinyl records: From Édouard-Léon Scott's ‘drawing machine’, Thomas Edison's phonograph and Volta Laboratory’s more familiar flat and round disks.  

The second element to this workshop is based on similar principles. Participants will be creating their own wax dub plates using turntables, speakers and frequencies to carve into wax discs. So at the end of the workshop you walk away with your own wax record in a sleeve.

The 120 records made in this series of workshops will exist as a physical document of the tour. It will be the first ever record release to be physically made on the road where each record will be unique and individually cut by different people to create ‘THE TOUR ALBUM’.

About the Artists

COPPER SOUNDS are a Bristol based duo who are pushing the conventional DJ set towards a more three dimensional conclusion. During their expansive live DJ sets they juggle four turntables to extract and manipulate the native and otherwise dormant sounds of their eclectic record collection. The imposing, hypnotic physical set-up sculpts a raw and repetitive cacophony creating a dark and fractious dancefloor energy, which the duo rides into a prehistoric and tectonic assault.

This workshop took place on each day of Outlands UK Tour: Ecstatic Material, February 2019.