OUTLANDS brings together a diverse mix of visual arts and music organisations, independent venues, creative producers, and promoters, all from outside London, with the aim of strengthening organisational reach and developing regional audiences. OUTLANDS was developed out of a motivation to pool expertise and resources, to encourage diversity and accessibility, build local audiences, and to support engaging and ambitious interdisciplinary music productions across the country, and the organisations that strive to promote them.

OUTLANDS partners for 2018-2019 are:

Bexhill on Sea, De la Warr Pavilion
Birmingham, Supersonic Festival
Bradford, Fuse Art Space
Bristol, Qu Junktions / Al Cameron
Cambridge, Cambridge Junction
Manchester, Fat Out
Milton Keynes, MK Gallery
Plymouth,  KARST

Quotes from Partners & Stakeholders

The first tour will be the fruits of an encounter between the two artists in May 2017. Matana was on a short run of UK dates, presenting her ‘Coin Coin Chapter III’ audio-visual show in DIY/experimental contexts: Kelly (whom we knew from her previous project, Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides) supported her at a show in Manchester, they spoke at length afterwards and the seeds were sown for a collaboration exploring the intersections at which their disparate practices meet: a taste for adventurous improvisation in a range of musical modes, rich live wind instrumentation in dialogue with subtle electro-acoustic dreamworlds, and a broader common theme of sound as a tool with which to interrupt familiar and obsolete narratives, musical, cultural, political or otherwise. The idea is that the tour will see them explore these meeting points almost in real time, their work together breathing and evolving over the course of the dates, starting with a three day residency at The Cube Cinema in Bristol that will serve as the jump-off for the collaboration.
— John Stevens, Qu Junktions, Bristol
All over the country artists and DIY operations are doing amazing and fresh new things around music and live performance. As economic constraints tighten, these activities are less and less likely to obtain the support they need to develop. I am excited to be part of a network that has the long-term ability to support this work, from the artists right through to the venues and their audiences…...
We travelled around the country meeting amazing and passionate thinkers and doers, on the trail from one recommendation to the next. We knew we wanted a wide geographical spread, and a wide mix of players in the scene, from art spaces to touring agencies and festival organisers to music venues and independent promoters. We wanted to find out who was committed to the values we held - a commitment that placed artistic innovation and audience experience first, that understand the inherent value of ambitious and experimental work and how it can widen the national cultural horizons, enriching lives and pushing past existing boundaries to open up fresh, progressive and inclusive planes of thought.
— Caleb Madden, Lead Project Director, De La Warr Pavilion
OUTLANDS offers a unique opportunity to respond to and develop this demand at a strategic level - providing risk-taking programmes (through experimental art forms, interesting contexts, and community involvement) in Bristol and the wider region, sustaining and generating new audiences through high-quality production, attractive artists, and national marketing support. Additionally, the involvement of independent producers in Bristol for OUTLANDS will be a strong element - allowing a wider range of venues and audiences beyond the reach of the established arts providers.
— Al Cameron, Independent Producer, Bristol
Cambridge Junction is delighted to part of OUTLANDS and we’re looking forward to being part of this new network that will bring new experimental culture to Cambridge and allow us to collaborate with venues & promoters across the UK. The work produced will add a new strand to our programme and bring more innovative performances to our venue.
— Rob Tinkler, Cambridge Junction, Cambridge
Supersonic Festival are delighted to be part of the OUTLANDS consortium, to have the opportunity to work alongside some of the most innovative creative producers and venues in the country. The funding from Arts Council England will allow us to develop extraordinary new work, to take creative risks which will both help to support artists and develop new audiences.
— Lisa Meyer, Artistic Director, Capsule & Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
We’re really excited to be part of the OUTLANDS touring network – it represents a critical advance in the infrastructure of experimental sound and music in the UK. The level of programming, the quality of the sonic art proposed, the diverse expertise of the partner network and the passion for great music and sound art is really inspiring. OUTLANDS is going to make an immensely positive difference – a tangible, real advance in audiences, production and programming – all across the country.
— James Birchall, FUSE, Bradford
OUTLANDS will unify people nationwide who have dedicated their lives to facilitating experimental music. For Fat Out this means we will have the support & knowledge of our peers whilst solidifying relationships as we embark on producing these tours together. This is vital future of Fat Out and for audacious music in the UK.
— Emma Thompson, Fat Out/Islington Mill, Manchester
We are absolutely thrilled to be part of the Outlands network alongside such highly respected, innovative partners. Being awarded this significant grant from Arts Council will enable us to collectively enhance the landscape for experimental, risk taking music across the UK and in the process build new audiences to ensure its long term sustainability.
— Simon Wright, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes
As an independent gallery our ethos has always enabled a platform for artistic experimentation. For us, a touring project like OUTLANDS is an exciting prospect to collaborate with partner venues and to engage our audiences with new ideas of experimental music. It is a privilege to be able to host and be part of the tour and are excited by the ambitious nature of the wider project.
— Carl Slater, KARST, Plymouth
We are delighted that Arts Council England have supported OUTLANDS, a pioneering network of national partners that will support the commissioning of experimental music, whilst engaging and growing audiences for this innovative work. Over the last decade, we have changed our auditorium programme from loss-making traditional seaside entertainment into a thriving contemporary offer with a strong music programme. OUTLANDS allows us to take this a stage further by taking the lead in creating new partnerships that will allow us to take more artistic risks and to reflect the diversity of the communities at home across the UK.
— Stewart Drew, Director and CEO, De La Warr Pavilion (lead organisation)
It is really important that more people, in more places around England have the opportunity to experience great art and culture. OUTLANDS is a great project that will do just that for experimental music whilst also establishing a stronger touring infrastructure for the genre outside of London, and so we’re delighted to be able to support the De La Warr Pavilion and its partners through our National Lottery funded Strategic Touring Programme.
— Hedley Swain, Area Director, South East, Arts Council England