OUTLANDS #6 QUJAKU + IMPATV, November 2019


A  new collaboration  between Japanese band  Qujaku and UK visual  artists Isadora Darke and Jamie  Robinson working together as IMPATV.  This new spectacular audio-visual stage show will tour across the OUTLANDS network in November 2019.

The project will be developed through a series of international residencies between Tokyo (Japan) and Manchester (UK) that will enable the artists the time and space to collaborate, develop new work, and to share skills and practice - engendering a deep creative and cultural exchange.

Qujaku will develop new music and IMPATV will  develop and produce the visual aspect that will include projection mapped costumes, newly created live visuals and set design to conjure up an all encompassing experience.

IMPATV and Fat Out creative director Emma Thompson, will be visiting Japan from 1st-19th June. During their time they will be in residency in Qujaku’s hometown of Hamamatsu and also connect with independent venues, art spaces, and interesting performances spaces in Tokyo and beyond - especially those championing experimental and alternative music.

More details to follow…….


QUJAKU: Formed in 2013, QUJAKU is a Japanese heavy psychedelic rock band based in Shizuoka. Their dark and heavy psychedelia filled with rich distortion and feedback creates a unique decadent ambience which is beyond comparison. The apocalyptic sound fuels your hidden urge to release yourself from everyday surroundings, and you find there is not only a brutality but also an ephemeral beauty behind it. The delicate yet strong voice, destructive guitar with feedback, repetitive rhythmic percussion, and deep and bellowing bass build the qujaku's unique sound and atmosphere which preoccupy your mind once you experience it.

IMPATV is a collaborative video and stage production project from UK artists Isadora Darke and Jamie Robinson. Using new digital technologies and live mixing methods combined with costumes and stage design they produce immersive installations, music videos, art and music productions.

This project is commissioned by OUTLANDS, produced by Fat Out and made possible with support from Sasakawa Foundation, Daiwa Foundation, Arts Council England, and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.